The SensCorr is a programmable potentiostat with excellent specifications of the hardware. All settings are possible and all data can be logged. Normally scientists choose for the logging on an SD card. But logging through the radiographic G4 interface (standalone version) or through the 4-20 mA HART interface is possible as well.

The following programs can be done in one run. With dipswitches programs can be switched on or off:

  1. ER, metal loss in micrometer.
  2. LPR, corrosion rate in mm/year according to ASTM G59. With ‘floating B’ upon choice.
  3. Electrochemical noise, with Pitting Index according to ASTM G199.
  4. A full polarization scan.
  5. Semi-quantitative analysis of the cathodic reduction reactions.
  6. Resistance of the electrolyte through AC current measurement.
  7. Cathodic protection measurements (potential, current density and E-corrosion).
  8. pH and temperature measurement.
  9. Electronic ER and LPR test probe.

The motherboard can be extended with more slots for more programs and functions.

SensCorr on TV
The Zeelandbrug is a testcase for smart monitoring with regard to ‘asset integrity management’.