Reinforcing Steel

Corrosion of reinforcing steel is a major issue in the civil sector. This is controlled by applying a coating to the structure. The SensCorr measures very accurately the performance of this coating and thus determines the maintenance interval. Also reinforcing steel under cathodic protection can be measured, both the potential and the current density.

Normally the SensCorr ‘standalone version’ with data through G4-radiotransmission and solar power supply is used. However also the SensCorr ‘industrial’ with 4-20 mA HART Interface is possible. Another option, more for temporary measurements, is data logging on a SD Card.

The interface (the HART Loop Converter), if applicable,  transfers 4 parameters:

  1. The ER metal loss in micrometer.
  2. The LPR corrosion rate in mm/year according to ASTM G59.
  3. The Pitting Index according to ASTM G199.
  4. The resistivity of the electrolyte in
SensCorr on TV
The Zeelandbrug is a testcase for smart monitoring with regard to ‘asset integrity management’.