Offshore and Marine

The SensCorr is used for measuring the cathodic protection systems of offshore windmills, platforms and ships. It establishes the cathodic protection performance by measuring the CP current density. The working electrode must be connected to the structure under protection via the SensCorr enclosure. In this way the protection current in mA/cm2 is measured.

The interface (the HART Loop Converter) transfers 4 parameters:

  1. ER metal loss in micrometer.
  2. The potential E-cp in mV.
  3. The CP current density in mA/cm2.
  4. The potential E-corr in mV. This is the potential where the cathodic current reverses to an anodic current.
SensCorr on TV
The Zeelandbrug is a testcase for smart monitoring with regard to ‘asset integrity management’.