Oil and Gas

The main objective for CM in the oil and gas sector is ‘corrosion inhibitor control’. The SensCorr measures Electrical Resistance (ER), widely used in oil and gas, and LPR and ECN. LPR and ECN work only in a conductive medium such as produced water, oil/gas with water and so on. For LPR the SensCorr meets the standard ASTM G59. But also metal loss, conductivity and pitting behavior are given through 4 channels of the HART Loop converter.

Corrodium BV has catered to the Oil and Gas sector for over 20 years. The standard in Oil and Gas is the  “2-inch access system”. The probes are installed in the 2-inch assembly up to a pressure of 420 bar. For flanges this is up to 2-inch 2500# RTJ but we also supply 10.000 psi flanged fittings. ER and LPR are in the same probe (a combined probe) but adding a coupon to the probe is also possible.

The interface (the HART Loop Converter) transfers 4 parameters:

  1. Electrical Resistance (ER) with metal loss in micrometer.
  2. LPR with corrosion rate in mm/year. ASTM G59.
  3. Pitting Index according to ASTM G199.
  4. Conductivity of the electrolyte in Ohm.cm.
SensCorr on TV
The Zeelandbrug is a testcase for smart monitoring with regard to ‘asset integrity management’.